The Suicide Squad 2021

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Task Force X, a squad of inmates from Belle Reve penitentiary, are sent to the South American island nation of Corto Maltese after the government is overthrown by an anti-American regime. Under orders from intelligence officer Amanda Waller, the squad is tasked with destroying J├Âtunheim, a Nazi-era laboratory that holds a secretive experiment known as “Project Starfish”. A team led by Waller’s subordinate Colonel Rick Flag is almost entirely wiped out by the Corto Maltese military upon landing, but this allows a second team comprising Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Nanaue, Polka-Dot Man, and Ratcatcher 2 to enter the country undetected. After finding Flag at a base camp for rebel soldiers, the squad convinces rebellion leader Sol Soria to assist them. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn from the first team is taken prisoner by the Corto Maltese government, who are plotting to use Project Starfish against other nations.

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